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For Atlantica, the decrease in the labor force growth rate will shift the break-even investment line down, from (dn1)k to (dn2)k. At the initial capital-labor ratio k1, the level of investment is greater than the new level of break-even investment, so the capital-labor ratio will increase toward the new steady-state capital-labor ratio.

Break even investment line where does it come from Tells.

Break even investment line where does it come from Tells us how much from EC 310 at Michigan State University

How do you find the break-even point using a payback period?

How do you find the break-even point using a payback period? and would literally break even for that accounting period, number of accounting periods needed to repay an initial investment.
3 Solow growth model - Queen's Economics DepartmentQED just keeps capital worker constant, so we can regard the line as a break-even investment schedule. In other words, to the left of k*, k is increasing, to the right, k is decreasing. Therefore k* is the steady state level of capital per worker—the long-run equilibrium of the economy.Return On Investment: What's Your Break-Even? Return On Investment: What's Your Break-Even? However, easier access to capital or the ability to let profits from a main line of business subsidize investment in the newer technology, even.Break Even Analysis - Learn How to Calculate the Break. Break Even Analysis in economics, financial modeling, and cost accounting refers to the point in which total cost and total revenue are equal. It is used to determine the number of units or revenue needed to cover total costs (fixed & variable costs)Break-Even Point AnalysisFormulaCalculatorExample.

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